We are Licensed

We are licensed architects and interior designers.  This is important.  Many practicing professionals are not licensed.  Unfortunately we have many clients that come to us that are either unsatisfied or have plans that are not feasible and in need of redesign or major correction.  One of our goals is to ensure that you have the best design and most accurate documentation that mitigates overbuilding and excess costs.  We find that our council provides savings beyond our fees.  This makes us and our clients very happy.  

It's All About the Details

Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs is a full service architecture, interior design and furnishings firm serving a wide range of residential and commercial types of clients.  

We make dreams come true by designing: custom homes, major home renovations, multiple residence communities (town-homes and condominiums), chic restaurants, and innovative business environments.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Firms

Most importantly, we know good design.  We are very detailed, accurate, creative, fast and we know how to build and we know the code.  What this means to our clients:

  1. Your finished product will exceed your expectations.
  2. We design and detail solutions to the finest granularity ensuring beauty, quality and function.  Our sets (blue prints/drawings) are so organized and are so detailed that we breeze through permitting processes with the city and builders love to work with our construction sets.  
  3. We understand different building methods and can maximize investment dollars by optimizing building materials, limiting waste or using alternative materials that are more cost effective - we save our client's significant amounts of money.
  4. We have a wealth of industry data and our own projects' cost data that allows us to design to your budget, mitigating budget scope creep. We design to your budget without compromising design intent.
  5. We are our client's advocate only, we assist in identifying the best builders and trade vendors for your project and help you bid your project.

We work in a referral based industry and are pleased to generate an average of 2.5 referrals per client.  Our clients are our biggest asset.  We credit our high customer satisfaction and referral rate to always delivering high quality, timely results and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our clients include individuals, business owners, developers and yes, even other competitor architecture firms that hire us because of our creativity and ability to listen to the client's needs and create a product exceeds expectations.

How We Work with You

We listen.  We make your needs and desires the center of each design element and detail.  We believe in transparency, working collaboratively and making decisions together.