JBB offers a full range of services for its clients and serves all 50 states.

Markets Served

  1. Residential
  2. Hospitality
  3. Commercial
  4. Retail
  5. Restaurants
  6. Non-profit
  7. Corporate
  8. Healthcare and Veterinary Care
  9. Entertainment
  10. Government and Education

Architectural Design Services - Licensed Architects

  • Feasibility planning (code and zoning research based upon design goals),
  • Schematic design,
  • Design development,
  • Construction documentation,
  • and Construction administration.

In addition to being a licensed Architect, Jeffrey Bruce Baker is also a classically trained and licensed Interior Designer.  We are delighted to provide our clients with products and services that consider their existing furnishings and integrate them within the architectural design process or create new interior solutions based on their needs.


Our Architectural designs are traditional, transitional, and modern.  We are classically trained in the USA and Europe.  Many of our solutions incorporate a new and old to create beautifully balanced living spaces.

Interior Design Services - Licensed Interior Designers

  • Planning,
  • Schematic design,
  • Sourced furnishings (including trade, retail and antique), 
  • Custom furnishings (designing, project management and fabrication),
  • and Interior installation.

Our interiors are sourced from an infinite number of exquisite collections representing the highest quality materials and fabrication methods.  We pair our custom upholstery, case goods, and couture quality textile work with uniquely sourced pieces from exclusive trade lines, private collections, partner furnishings and art advisories.

Full-Service, Design-Build Firm

JBB can operate as your architect, interior designer, and as a design-build firm.  For more information, click here.  

We welcome collaboration and inclusion of your preferred services providers, but if you want end-to-end service, or design-build, we have a partnership with a build firm that shares our high-standards for continuing creating a fun, easy and positive customer experience - and great architecture and interiors.

We’ve created this partnership because of our clients' need for high-quality design and high-quality construction.  In this busy market, we find that the quality of building has diminished.  Because of this experience, we’ve formed a design-build entity that ensures ongoing architect, designer, builder and vendor collaboration from start to finish.  Our design-build partner allows us to maintain control, superior customer service and quality across all facets of the design-build process.  

The design-build team, without compromise, embraces the values of having the highest standards of client care and unprecedented quality of construction.  The relationship allows us to have control of the construction process, allows continued transparency to our clients, gained efficiency saving time and costs.

Custom Furnishings

Jeffrey Bruce Baker has designed and created over 300 custom furniture pieces for our clients and oversees all facets of the fabrication process including sourcing of high-quality artisans, textiles, and materials.  We produce quality, timeless furniture meant to be passed down from generation to generation.  Our custom furnishings are beautifully built by artisans in the USA, using luxurious materials and cost effective compared to big name brands, yet provide unsurpassed quality by the big name brands.