Research and Insight

JBBD sees design as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision better design that sets timeless trends; never chasing them.  We help our clients leverage design’s power to generate innovative solutions that affect real transformation, create optimal functionality and that meets their design goals.

Unique among design firms, JBBD works with a cross-section of the market, including residential, commercial and hospitality. This access provides us insights into the issues driving change in various markets and for various types of projects.  To help our clients and their businesses navigate the impact of cost drivers, quality and end value of their projects, we use our data, research and case studies to explore how design turns client challenges to competitive advantage.

Every JBBD design carries out basic and applied research, on elements of direct benefit to our clients.  The purpose always is to create value that maximizes design’s full potential based on our client's goals and budget.