FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the value that JBB brings to its clients?  Our partnership with you is client-centric, full-service, transparent, and worry free.  JBB utilizes expertise to pair clients' wants and needs with innovative solutions that are: aesthetically beautiful, functional, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality.  Because we thoroughly understand regulations, cost implications, construction methods, and processes, our clients rest assured that their investment is well protected.  The firm works directly with the permitting jurisdictions, developers, builders and manufacturers.  

Who will design my project?  Jeffrey is the architect and interior designer for all projects.  We accept a limited number of projects each year (based on their scope) to ensure that each and every client receives the utmost in personal service.  The design process is all about you and your needs.  Throughout the process, Jeffrey engages, educates and provides you, and all vendors, with the highest quality design and documentation - detail and quality are never compromised.

How does JBB manage the budget of a project?  Tracking costs for any project is vital and JBB is a master at creating project plans and tracking to budgets.  During the consultation phase we listen and ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand your design requirements and expectations.  This is an exciting, creative and highly collaborative phase when we brainstorm scenarios and create the vision for the final product.  Understanding and honoring budgets and expenses is a vital element within this process and ensures your priorities remain true. When defining the project scope, we develop comparisons to evaluate scenarios against each other so that you completely understand the options and cost implications.  Our clients are often pleasantly surprised at the cost efficiencies of our smart designs.

How long does it take to get a complete design?  Time frame varies significantly based on the size and detail level of design each project requires.  Most of our kitchen, bath, or three-five room interior design projects take five weeks to design and document.  Furnishing time frames vary depending on providers, but range from two months to three and 1/2 months.  Another benefit of working with a registered architect and interior designer… you get exactly what you want and it will meet code.  Architectural design for renovations and new construction - a 6,000 square foot building, for example - may take 15 to 18 weeks to design and document and 6 to 18 months to construct.

Does JBB work in a specific style?    We are a process based firm.  We fully define and understand the clients style first, then complete precedence studies, and finally present drawings to communicate the design direction.  This process allows us to work in any style vocabulary.  The majority of our work is transitional, traditional and modern.  All of our designs are architecturally accurate (style, scale and proportion).  We provide our clients with products and services that consider their existing furnishing, integrating them within the architectural and interior design processes, or we can create new interior solutions based upon their needs.

What size projects does JBB take?    Our projects vary from complete architectural and interior solutions for private homes and businesses, to renovations and single room interior design.  We consider projects of all scopes.

How does JBB establish fees?    The majority of our projects have a defined scope with fixed fee (no surprises) and are set based upon the level of detail needed.  Construction administration and personal shopping are offered as hourly only.

Any additional questions, just reach us on Jeffrey's cell, office, or email us directly at:  cell 678-570-7443, office 404-351-1232, or email contact@jeffreybrucebaker.com