We are licensed in both architecture and interior design and are NCARB certified.  NCARB certification often expedites reciprocity, meaning JBBD can offer our professional services in different jurisdictions.

Prior to forming Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs, Jeffrey was a lead designer for one of the largest firms in the world, Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates and has worked on numerous commercial luxury projects from Hermes retail stores to Mandarin Oriental hotels, and luxury high rise residential buildings including the Sovereign tower and Ritz Carlton Residences in Atlanta, GA. Since its formation in 2009, JBBD has been a leader in luxury residential and restaurant architecture and interiors.

We know how to build.  Jeffrey and all our design team members have significant experience in the field and have a large knowledge of construction means and methods. This knowledge is beneficial because we know how to go from paper to brick and mortar. We do not believe in just passing along a design to a builder, we provide needed details and make sure the building’s construction has been thought through so we do not waste time or money during the construction phase. This approach to design makes builders and developers repeat clients themselves and strong referrers.

Our strong knowledge of construction means and methods also gives us the knowledge to be able to make design decisions taking into account costs in the field allowing us to guide and inform our clients on how we can maximize the investments or create a study to allow our clients to determine if there may be significant gains for them by investing more in one area of a project.

Capacity for growth.  Since our founding in 2009 we have doubled our work capacity each year. During 2016 we have designed 120,000 ft2 equaling $10,400,000.00 of construction value built divided between residential, restaurant, and multifamily designs. For 2017 we are moving our office to a new space doubling our resource library, adding a showroom space for our Jeffrey Bruce Baker designed furniture and homegoods lines, and we are growing our professional practice studio of Architects, Interior Designers, and Product Designers. Our 2017 platform allows us to provide top quality custom designs for 200,000 ft2 of design with Jeffrey being the design lead Architect and Designer that will design the original concept then lead our boutique studio through every step of the design process seeing it through construction to grand opening.

Our attention to detail.  The details are what make the difference. We take every space and building we design and go through multi layer in-house team review where we think like the end user and client to discover all the elements and design think how they can perform the best in detail. We involve our clients in review of these details and aim to have them discover and give their insight into these details.

Problem-solving ability.  We look at design from a multidiscipline perspective, architecture, interior design, brand identity are all equally important aspects to successful design projects. Design solutions take into account all these studies of design and are paired with what we learn about our clients and the desired space experience that will appeal and function best based upon our client's goals and needs.

Creativity and innovation.  We believe the best designs are produced with a collaboration focusing on unlimited creativity. We get to know our client, their brand, who the competitors are and how we will produce smart designs that separate them from the norm while being familiar enough to attract. No one of our designs is the same.

Our culture.  It is our culture to always be an innovative and quality driven design firm in both Architectural and Interior Design solutions for the luxury residential, hospitality and restaurant markets. We design solutions that set trends, are timeless and are highly functional.